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Speech therapy apps: Technology adds new tools to the SLP’s arsenal

Recently, speech therapy professionals have acquired an incredibly helpful new tool to help their clients – speech therapy apps.

These mobile applications are available on the Apple iTunes store, the Android Market, the Google Apps Marketplace, Amazon and many other sites. While the time therapists and patients spend together is invaluable, it can only last so long. Numerous mobile apps allow patients to take their therapy home and engage with apps that can be dynamic and motivating.

Once interesting app is from Speech Remedy, a company that creates adult-focused speech, language and cognitive rehabilitation materials.  It is listed on the iTunes store as SR-Naming.  This adult-focused interactive app helps build receptive and expressive language and word-finding skills. Using a touch-screen device, the app guides users through real-life photos of common objects with a voice. Visual prompts help with pronunciation and word recognition. There are three levels for learners with different abilities, and users can add additional images to the program free of charge.

Other apps, like Speech Tutor from Synapse Apps, help users by demonstrating how the tongue, palate, lips and teeth combine to produce targeted American English sounds. This helps users visualize how to form words and make different sounds.

These are just two examples of the types of apps that clients enjoy – there are many others that provide all kinds of user support and can supplement in-person speech therapy.

Many clients find the electronic format more stimulating and fun than traditional materials. The ability to practice privately encourages growth and improvement that may differ speech therapy office, which is more public.

Do you encourage your patients to use speech therapy apps? Tell us some of your favorites in the comments below.

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