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Review Resumes


Candidate 18282

Speech Language Pathology

M.S. Speech Language Pathology, B.S. Communication Sciences and Disorders, Clinical Fellow Candidate, Illinois license pending

Clinical experiences include both adults and children. Has worked in both outpatient and inpatient services at a hospital treating and evaluating patients with voice and respiratory disorders, aphasia, and dysphagia. Has worked in EI center with students ages 3-5 in areas of fluency, articulation, and language. Has worked in occupational high school with adults and adolescents on articulation, fluency, and pragmatic language skills.

Has VFSS experience, has experience with patients with Paradoxical Vocal Cord Dysfuntion.

Monday-Friday, full-time


Candidate 18287

Physical Therapy

M.P.T. Physical Therapy, B. S. Exercise Science, License: Illinois

3+ years with adults: skilled in evaluation and treatment of patients in hospitals, SNFs, and outpatient clinics. Diagnoses include: orthopedics, CVAs, CABGs, general debility, and Parkinson's Disease.

Experienced with electrical stimulation, iontophoresis and spinal mobilization. Has supervised graduate students.

Part-time, 2-3 days per week


Candidate 18294

Occupational Therapy

M. S. Occupational Therapy anticipated in July 2011, Eligible for Illinois Occupational Therapy License

New graduate with wide range of clinical experiences. Pediatric experience in school based programs with children ages 3-10 with developmental delays, Emotional Disorders, Autism, and Down Syndrome. Adult experiences include acute care for orthopedic patients, CVAs, TBIs, CABGs and general disability.

OSEP grant recipient for EI training, Familiar with Handwriting Without Tears program, Used Push In versus Pull Out approach.

Full time, Monday-Friday


Candidate 415

Occupational Therapy

M.A. Early Childhood Education, B.S. Occupational Therapy, Illinois Occupational Therapy License and EI Certification

9+ years, Adults: 2 years in SNF, evaluated and treated patients with CVAs, Parkinson's Disease, Cancer, Hip and Knee Replacements and generalized weakness. Pediatrics: 7 years in schools and outpatient clinics, evaluated and treated children from birth to 8th grade.

EI certified, Familiar with the Barthel ADL index, Stop and Go quick assessment tool, ESI-P, Peabody Language Test, Peabody Developmental Motor Test and VMI. Implemented Handwriting Without Tears programs.

Full-time, Monday-Friday, daytime hours


Candidate 18293

Speech Language Pathology

M. S. Speech-Language Pathology anticipated on 8/6/11, B. S. Speech-Language Pathology, Eligible for Clinical Fellowship, Illinois license and type 73 certification pending

Skilled new graduate with adult and pediatric experiences. Pediatrics: settings include schools and hospitals. Diagnoses include: Autism, Apraxia, Dysphagia, Cleft Palate, Hearing impairment and NICU patients. Adults: settings include hospitals and outpatient clinics. Diagnoses include: Dysphagia, CVA, TBI, Dementia and Parkinson's Disease.

Skilled with VFSS, FEES, trach/vent. patients. Clinical experiences range from birth-adults in a variety of settings.

Full-time, Monday-Friday


Candidate 1192

Speech Language Pathology

M. S. Speech Language Pathology, B. A. Communications and Music, Illinois licensed, Type 73 Certification

9 years. Adults-5 years: Settings include SNFs, Hospitals and Home Health. Diagnoses include CVA, Parkinson's Disease, Dysarthria, Dysphagia and TBI. Pediatrics-4 years: Settings include outpatient clinics and schools with children from birth-21. Diagnoses included Autism, Deaf and Hearing impaired children, Behavior disorders, and developmental disabilties.

Videoflouroscopy, trach/vent experience, familiar with IEPs

Full-time, Monday-Friday


Candidate 471

Speech Language Pathology

M. S. Speech Pathology, B.S. Communication Sciences and Disorders, Licensed: Illinois, Type 73 Certificate

5 years, Pediatrics: 4 years in schools and outpatient clinics. Diagnoses included Autism, Down's Syndrome, Cleft palate, voice disorders, fluency disorders, articulation disorders, phonology disorders, and expressive and receptive language disorders, and dysphagia. Adults: 3 years in hospitals, SNFs, and outpatient clinics. Diagnoses included TBI, CVA, Dysarthria, and Dysphagia.

Experiences range from EI-adults in a variety of settings. Skilled with treatment and evaluation of craniofacial abnormalities.

Full-time, Monday-Friday, Immediately


Candidate 5453

Physical Therapy

B.A.S. Physiotherapy, License: Illinois

20+ years with adults. Strong clinical skills with inpatient acute care and outpatient clinics with neurological, orthopedic, cardiovascular and trauma diagnoses, including spinal cord injury.

Acute Care, Orthopedic, Expert in Kin-COM isokinetic dynameter testing and rehabilitation, Experienced in Manual Therapy

Full-time, Monday-Friday, daytime hours


Candidate 1430

Physical Therapy

B.S. in Physical TherapyLicensed: Illinois

10 years of experience. 3 years of adult experience in outpatient clinics, SNFs, and hospitals. 7 years of pediatric experience in schools, home health, and outpatient clinics. Has worked with children from birth-21 years old.

Experience with Myofascial release.

Part-time, daytime hours


Candidate 5443

Physical Therapy

B.S. Physical Therapy, OCS certification, Licensed in Illinois

20+ years of clinical experience with adults. Settings have included hospitals, outpatient clinics, SNFs, and home health. Has experience as a clinical instructor for PT students.

Extensive orthopedic experience. Familiar with Manual Therapy.

Full-time, Monday-Friday