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Physical Therapy Candidates

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Candidate 18287

Physical Therapy

M.P.T. Physical Therapy, B. S. Exercise Science, License: Illinois

3+ years with adults: skilled in evaluation and treatment of patients in hospitals, SNFs, and outpatient clinics. Diagnoses include: orthopedics, CVAs, CABGs, general debility, and Parkinson's Disease.

Experienced with electrical stimulation, iontophoresis and spinal mobilization. Has supervised graduate students.

Part-time, 2-3 days per week

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Candidate 5453

Physical Therapy

B.A.S. Physiotherapy, License: Illinois

20+ years with adults. Strong clinical skills with inpatient acute care and outpatient clinics with neurological, orthopedic, cardiovascular and trauma diagnoses, including spinal cord injury.

Acute Care, Orthopedic, Expert in Kin-COM isokinetic dynameter testing and rehabilitation, Experienced in Manual Therapy

Full-time, Monday-Friday, daytime hours

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Candidate 1430

Physical Therapy

B.S. in Physical TherapyLicensed: Illinois

10 years of experience. 3 years of adult experience in outpatient clinics, SNFs, and hospitals. 7 years of pediatric experience in schools, home health, and outpatient clinics. Has worked with children from birth-21 years old.

Experience with Myofascial release.

Part-time, daytime hours

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Candidate 5443

Physical Therapy

B.S. Physical Therapy, OCS certification, Licensed in Illinois

20+ years of clinical experience with adults. Settings have included hospitals, outpatient clinics, SNFs, and home health. Has experience as a clinical instructor for PT students.

Extensive orthopedic experience. Familiar with Manual Therapy.

Full-time, Monday-Friday