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Our staff seamlessly transitions to the needs of your setting

We have therapists working in every major medical facility and educational institution in the Greater Chicago area. Whatever the setting, we’re known for our ability to transition smoothly into organizations. We set up staff orientations at your facility that allow our therapists to start treating patients on day one. While on your staff, our therapists follow your policies and procedures.

Working closely with your supervisors to make the right match, we get to know your institution with a focus on your staffing and training needs. We make every effort to draw upon the pool of therapists with previous experience within your facility. We provide advanced training on our end to save you the cost and time.

Medical Settings

  • Hospitals: acute care, rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Outpatient, including facilities that specialize in sports and workers’ compensation injuries
  • Extended care, including sub-acute programs

Schools and Special Education Cooperatives

  • Early Intervention (ages 0-3)
  • Early Childhood (ages 3-5)
  • Primary Grades
  • Junior High School
  • High School

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