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New Opportunities for Therapists from the Affordable Care Act

In 2010,  Zoher Kapesi,  an Associate Professor at Emory, wrote an interesting article on potential opportunities for physical therapists that will emerge from the Affordable Care Act (ACA). One point that is particularly interesting is that health care providers will be penalized for excessive hospital readmission rates for acute and post-acute inpatient care. Kapesi points out that this may motivate medical practices and hospitals to utilize PTs and OTs more aggressively to help prevent hospital readmissions.

These penalty adjustments will be determined by Independent Payment Advisory Boards (IPABs) which are still  in the formative stage.  As these reforms enter the health care system, these adjustments will be interesting to note and to compare with the cost of additional treatment. If you are interested, read  this short article  for more  information about new opportunities for allied health professionals in the next few years.


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