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It’s Flu Season!

Did you get your flu shot, yet? Many healthcare facilities are making the flu vaccine mandatory for healthcare providers this year. Providers who have certain allergies or religious reasons may be exempt from the vaccine, but will have to wear a mask when they are in contact with a patient.

What is the reason for requiring the flu vaccine? Many people are fearful of the side effects of the vaccine, so they are hesitant to get it. However, healthcare providers have a responsibility to their patients to be vaccinated. Providers can be carriers of the flu putting the elderly, young, and immunocompromised at risk of contracting the virus.

Yes, the side effects are annoying if you experience them. They can cause one to feel lethargic or under the weather for a couple of days, but it is less devastating than getting the flu. There are many websites available that can help explain the flu vaccine in more detail. Do not be afraid of the misinformation out there! Get your vaccination, today!

Check out the websites for more information:

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