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Contract employment helps moms balance work, home life

For many mothers, juggling work and family life is a complex challenge. Finding a job that covers child care expenses and still allows you to get dinner on the table may seem like an unachievable goal.

Contract work is a great solution for moms seeking a flexible career path.

Many mothers enjoy working late hours so they can stay home during the day and avoid astronomical day care costs. Others prefer hours that get them home in time to pick up the kids from school. Whether you need evening hours, weekend shifts or a customized schedule, you’re more likely to find a job that is customized to your family life as a contractor.

Allied Health Professionals has worked with countless mothers with varying career wish lists during its 25 years of business.

“Each mother’s needs are different and wide-ranging,” says Allied President and CEO Bob Hoyt. “Sometimes, a child’s intense sports schedule during the week makes weekend shifts preferable, at least during the season. Other times, being home to settle the kids into productive activities after school is a priority. Whatever the need, many of our therapists have found that the flexibility of contract work fits the responsibilities of motherhood like a glove.”

In most instances, however, a caseload that fits your schedule today may not work five years down the road. A good staffing agency understands this, and can help chart a path that evolves with you.

“One of our therapists joined us when she was pregnant, and she’s still with us now that her children are teenagers,” Hoyt says. “We were able to find positions and schedules that fit her as her needs changed over the years.”

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